Artwork - Crossbody bag - Vincent van Gogh

Fashionable, eye-catching, unique, small, lightweight and durable is this crossbody bag.
An iconic artwork has been added to this limited edition. Every bag is different, handmade and special. The bag is lined in a beautiful pattern. There is an extra pocket on the bag for your phone, for example. Inside the bag there is enough room for your wallet, phone, keys and/or a small bottle of water. The shoulder handle is spacious so you can wear it across your jacket from shoulder to hip. The bag closes with a small velcro fastener.



Frida Kahlo (1907-1954) was a famous artist and feminist from Mexico. She was eccentric and ahead of her time. Besides her paintings, she also made many self-portraits. She grew her eyebrows and often wore flowers in her paintings as an ode to her heritage and a symbol of fertility.

Once a collection is sold, it does not come back. The bag is handmade in a Dutch workshop and in limited numbers. The bag gives a smart casual, modern, self-confident and artistic look and you can wear it effortlessly while walking, shopping, travelling or at festivals. ZENSEOUS makes every collection with attention, style and feeling for the planet and you.



- Inner lining and outer pocket on the back of the bag

- 1 Shoulder strap

- Appliqués and decorations.

- Velcro closure


- Length 29 x Width 22 x Depth 3 cm

- Shoulder handles 1 x 130 cm

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