Artwork - Schoudertas - Vincent van Gogh - Rood

Fashionable, eye-catching, unique, spacious, cheerful, hip and sustainable is this bag.
An iconic artwork has been added to this limited edition. Every bag is different, handmade and special. The bag is firmly lined in a beautiful design. There is a spacious, extra reinforced inner pocket in a very nice design for wallet, phone, keys. The shoulder handles are spacious so you can wear it over your coat. The bag closes with a small velcro fastener.



Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) is a Dutch painter. The self-portrait with the felt hat is one of his colour experiments. The dashes of paint follow the outline of his head and thus form a kind of halo. With long strokes of paint, he placed blue and orange in the background, red and green in the beard and eyes.


– Artwork afbeelding
– Binnenvoering met print
– Binnenzak met print
– 2 Schouderhengsels
– Applicaties op de tas
– Klittenband sluiting

- Length 50 cm x Width 45 cm x Depth 11 cm
- Shoulder Straps 2 x 60 cm

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